• Attend the PREDYKOT presentation on IAM Intelligence at EIC 2013.
  • Policy Refined Dynamically and Kept On Track.
  • Innovative, modular and consistent eco-system of software modules to dynamically refine a security policy.
  • Intelligent mechanisms ensure that a policy remains efficient in time, to take contextual information into consideration to dynamically refine the policy.
  • PREDYKOT is an ITEA2 project with 16 partner organisations and 7 work packages.

Predykot Consortium

The partners

  • partner_evidian
  • partner_cassidian
  • partner_gemalto
  • partner_thales
  • partner_intelligence_power
  • partner_institut_telecom
  • partner_lissi
  • partner_irit
  • partner_nextel
  • partner_ziv
  • partner_innovalia
  • partner_ctech
  • partner_university_oulu
  • partner_nixu
  • partner_netman
  • partner_pohto

The Predykot consortium consists of 16 expert organisations in the security field from all over Europe.

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Project labelled by

Itea 2

Predykot is an Itea 2 project: The strategic pan-European programme for advanced pre-competitive R&D in software-intensive Systems and Services


Last event

The 11th Predykot General Assembly Meeting and the Final Review Meeting took place on March 17th-18th-19th 2013 in Paris (France).