Description of work

PREDYKOT project is divided into seven work packages.

  • WP 1 is dedicated to the administrative and organisational activities: (assure the overall project management duties and pilot the dissemination activities).
  • In WP 2, the project will define pertinent use cases for the relevant partners' markets, and prepare the final demonstration use cases. Partners will conduct the general requirements analysis, set up the global project architecture and specifications, monitor the evolution of the state-of-the-art with possible impact on the architecture, in the same way as WP1 monitors the market relevance with impact on the requirements, and build methodology guidelines for the different modules designed and developed by the different partners.
  • WP 3 will focus on the modelling of principles that will be needed to represent a policy whatever the usage of this policy (security, service management etc) as well as identify the criteria used to qualify the policy utilization and define the methodology to exploit these criteria and get results from them.
  • WP 4 concerns the specification and development of software modules in the PREDYKOT suite that implement the reasoning features. To do so, the applicable reasoning language that applies to any kind of policies, as well as the reasoning engine will be studied and chosen. The engine will then be specialized in order to process the relevant domains of facts, such as users' activity, the administrative policy changes, the contextual information, as well as the semantic policy definition itself.
  • WP5 deals with the specification and development of software modules providing appropriate information to reasoning engines, and local distribution and exploitation of the policy.
  • WP6 concerns the specification and development of software modules in the PREDYKOT suite that exploit the results of the reasoning delivered in WP5. Such an exploitation is supposed to "close the loop" to the policy definition.
  • WP7 will apply the PREDYKOT ecosystem to a set of experimental applications, for each of the application domains covered by the project, and implement the corresponding demonstrator applications. The application domains will be formally identified and studied in the task dedicated to Use Cases in WP2.